Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Business Self-Storage Has Plenty Of Benefits And Discounts

The term self-storage generally generates images of moving house but the truth is it can also work very well for all kinds of businesses whatever their size. The storage industry has had to change in recent years, along with many other businesses, in terms of adaptability and finding new customers.
Some companies offer services for both individuals and companies, whilst others specialise in only one or the other. A business storage company might involve not only facilities for storage but also provide units that have been modified so they can be used as mini-offices complete with telephone line, internet access and desk.
Storage facilities are useful for businesses as they can provide a place to stockpile furniture or documents whilst moving premises or refurbishing due to expansion. If a company is in the process of making cutbacks then it makes sense for them to start by moving into smaller premises, this can be achieved by making the most of the nearest facility close to you.
It’s possible to keep anything not required on a daily basis in a storage module for as long as you need, and if access is necessary then it’s easy enough to travel to the facility and get what you need. Units are available in different sizes, so it’s even feasible to rent one long-term and use it as a mini-warehouse, this can save a lot of money as you are just paying for rental alone with electricity and security all included in the overall charge.
Check out facilities near you for rates and offers. Be aware of any hidden costs as some facilities incur a fee for every time you want to access the unit, this can soon add up if you need to get into it several times a week for instance. Others will allow businesses free access; it’s all dependent upon their rules. There may also be a restriction on the times you’re allowed to have access which could be a problem if the unit is being used as a distribution point and access is required at odd times.
Storage units can be used for many reasons, they include the archiving of documents, files and records, the storage of office furniture and equipment, samples or promotional materials. Stock can be kept here on a temporary, seasonal or full-time basis and for those businesses that save money by buying in bulk it offers a safe place for office supplies.
Some specialist self-storage facilities have units that are climate controlled which makes them suitable as archives so important business documents can be preserved if needed in the future. Units can come with fitted shelves, storage bays and even be customised to fit in with your needs.
Business storage facilities are just the same as a personal facility, you pay for the size of the unit on a weekly, monthly or longer basis. The company will deliver the unit to your requested location, pack it up if you go for the premium service, and pick it up again to return it to the warehouse where it’s taken care of. Business rates are very favourable with discounts and great deals on storage options.

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