Friday, 19 April 2013

Rekindling That Hobby of Yours That You Once So Loved

Did you once play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix? Did you once surf those big waves like a free spirit? If your more mundane responsibilities have taken over every part of your current existence, perhaps it is time to rekindle that hobby of yours and start enjoying life again. This article tells you where to look to reconnect with those once favourite pastimes.

Do you realize that as you get older, you devote less time to your hobbies? Well, that’s natural, you may think. As you grow up, you have more responsibilities in your life, and hence you need to prioritize them. Family, kids and work always come first. And by the end of each day, you are so tired that you may not even have the energy left to do anything else.
That may be true, but as the saying goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Instead of getting duller as we get older, why not rekindle some of that old hobbies of yours that you once so loved? I did exactly that recently, and found myself having the time of my life! I was young again, full of energy and fun. And my kids enjoy spending time with me even more!
The best place to get started? Your garage or the self storage facility where you keep all your old stuff. They are a treasure trove! Here are some things that you could possibly find in there:
1.       Musical Instrument
Were you a Miles Davis or a Jimi Hendrix wannabe? Did you enjoy playing the scores of Bach and Chopin? Many people found their first love in music, stored them away during their “adult years” and rekindled that love again when they rediscovered them in their self storage unit. I did. I suppose true love never dies.
2.       Riding That Bike Once Again
People don’t like to throw away their bicycle, even when they don’t ride them anymore. For some strange reasons, the sentimental attachment they have on their ride is unfathomable. I suppose it brings back wonderful memories, be it the college years, or the early days of working life when you struggled to survive. What about getting your bike out of the garage and riding it again? Not only will it make you feel young, it also gives you a great workout!
3.       Water Sports
Did you once dive, snorkel, canoe or surf those crazy waves? I bet you can find your old diving or snorkeling equipment, or your old surf board somewhere in the self storage facility too. You may not be able to surf like before, but what about teaching your kids how to ride those waves instead?
4.       Bowling
Bowling was such a popular game in the 80s and 90s that many people started getting their own bowling balls and shoes. If you are not the outdoor-ish type, this may be the game for you. Besides, it’s family friendly. How about making it a weekly night out as a family?
No hobbies? Can’t find anything in your storage at all? Perhaps you can start a new one? What about camping, jogging or woodwork? Or anything to get you out of that sofa or your eyes off that television or computer screen. Trust me, you’ll feel young and brand new again. 


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