Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Storage Solutions During Renovation

When you are renovating your house you can either choose to be constantly moving the furniture and other belongings around so the decorators or tradesmen can get to the parts of the house where they need to work, or opt to move the bulky items of furniture into rented storage.

A storage unit can be leased for short periods of time giving you and any tradespeople the space needed to work effectively and get the renovations done a lot faster. This can also help you to avoid damaging any household items during heavy renovation work, or splashing paint on antique pieces and valuable items.

Start by boxing up your smaller items ready to go into storage, just as you would for a house move. Any larger objects should be wrapped if possible, and if you do not have time to transport your belongings to storage space during renovations, find a company that will come and pick them up for you or hire a removalist if you can afford it.

Clearing out your home to make room for renovation work is not just about ease of access. It will also avoid the safety issues that can arise from working in a crowded space and even help you get your home finished a lot quicker than expected.

The great thing about storage is that you can hire a unit just for the renovation period, there is no contract to sign and so you don’t waste any days when the unit isn’t required, and you don’t waste any money either. Self-storage is the simplest thing to organize and ideal for homeowners busy making improvements to their property.

Find a service that comes and picks up your possessions, just give them a call and they’ll arrive with the portable unit, load it up for you and take it back to the facility. Leaving you to get on with the work on the house and not worrying about damaging furniture or having to cover everything in dust sheets to protect it.

Most storage facilities offer different sized units so whether you’re renovating the whole house and need something really large to contain all your things, or just remodeling 1 room, they should be able to accommodate your needs. Prices are calculated by the size of the storage unit and how long it’s hired for. They often have discounts or promotions too so it’s worth checking out as this makes the service even more economical than it already is!

Just think about all the possible mishaps that could occur when redecorating and renovating a property. Paint for starters, it gets everywhere and can be really difficult to remove from wooden furniture without leaving a mark. Then there are all the workmen coming in and out on a daily basis who need space to move around to do their job well. Accidents are more likely to happen if there are a lot of things to maneuver around which is why self storage makes so much sense.

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