Friday, 18 October 2013

Taking Your Garden with You When Moving

It’s easy to forget about moving indoor and outdoor plants properly when moving house and they are often the last things that get packed to go, often just being dumped into a cardboard box or back of the truck haphazardly. This means they are often packed incorrectly, damaged and even killed during transport.

The plants you have in your backyard and inside your home can be put to good use at your new home to immediately spruce up your new garden and the interior of the house so it’s a shame to waste them, and it’s a waste of money too as you will then have to go out and buy new plants.

If you have been at your old home for a long time then you probably have a lot of plants that are established within the garden and it would be a great shame to have to leave all your hard work behind. But also not necessary, although you obviously can’t dig everything up why not start taking cuttings a few months before you plan to move?

It’s not a good idea to start digging up the whole garden as it will look ugly, and the new tenants probably won’t be very happy about it! But if you have a certain plant or shrub that you love the look or smell of and would like to take it to the new place, then cut a small piece and replant it in a small pot ready to be planted into the ground when you’re ready to start on the garden.

Check with your removal company if they will take plants as well. If they do not then you will have to organise to move them yourself. For garden decorations and equipment you may want to put them into storage if you are going to be landscaping your new home as generally the garden is only taken care of once the interior of the house is completed, and this can take some time.

Putting garden equipment into self storage will make sure they are out of the way until needed and prevent them from getting lost, going rusty or getting broken. Wheelbarrows, spades and forks, plant pots and lawnmowers can safely be stowed away in the garden shed, but if you don’t have time to erect the shed at the moment then storage is the key.

Make sure your plants have plenty of water but are not soaking wet before you move them. Put them into boxes quite tightly packed so there is no room for them to slide around. It is also a good idea to protect the top of your plants from being damaged so place a loose plastic bag over the top and to prevent them from getting wet another one around the bottom of the plant pots.

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