Sunday, 19 January 2014

3 Ways to Free Up Your Apartment Space

We live in a new, modern era where people have progressively become accustomed to high rise buildings and small living spaces. We oftentimes are confronted with the problem of not having enough storage space for all of our belongings. We accumulate so many things over the years, and they are piling up inside our homes, then we wonder what to do with them.  With three simple techniques, you can get back on the road to gaining back and conserving your valuable and already limited space for a more comfortable, spacious home environment.

Under bed storage: When browsing the market for a potential upgrade to your bed and mattress, make sure to choose a bed that is not only comfortable, but is lifted off the ground by at least 10 inches if it doesn’t come with built-in storage drawers. By making this simple decision, you instantly create a new storage compartment underneath the area of your bed.  You can buy storage boxes and hide away all of your bedding, extra pillows, blankets and the like. It is also an ideal place to store your shoes and winter clothing during the summer months and vice versa.

Look for double duty-furniture: Like the bed, the correct choice of furniture can make the difference between chaos and a highly organized and clutter-free home. You can take advantage of these versatile pieces of furniture to economize your space and get more bang for your buck.
Coffee table that doubles as a stool and storage. Buying this simple and versatile piece of furniture is one of the quickest ways to store some of your belongings such as books and magazines.
Sofa that can be converted to sofa bed. This goes without saying how much space it can save without the need to buy an extra futon or air mattress to accommodate our guests.
Wardrobe with extra space between itself and the ceiling. The space above can be used in storing bulky items like luggage that you don’t use often but take up quite a bit of space.
Bookshelf that doubles as room divider
Headboard with storage function

Take advantage of the walls: Without spending extra money for wall decoration, an easy DIY wall display can turn those items that occupy all of your extras space into decorations. These items can easily convert your bare wall into an eclectic and attractive display.
Use wall hooks to hang clothing accessories such as ties, belts, jewelry, purses, etc.
By installing shelving units, you can showcase your hats, sunglasses, or anything of your choosing. Keep other stuff in cool looking boxes.
Following the above pieces of advice should free up a lot of your home space, but if you still suffer from a shortage of space, it may be time to reconsider how much you need all of the clutter in your home in the first place. If you consider getting rid of some of the extra weight from your home, consider donating it to charity organizations that can put those items to good use. If all else fails, self-storage spaces can be an economical solution for the things you can’t part with, but don’t have an immediate use.

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